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When planning your vacation, Calibishie and the Veranda View offers a number a things to do besides just relaxing beside our ocean beach on the veranda…

Hiking, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Mountain biking, are only a few of the activities available to you. We have listed a few places in the area and directions from the guest house. You may choose to walk, take a rented car or hire a driver. The list on this page is only a small sampling.

After checking this page be sure to look at the Calibishie Coast site. Here you will find an extensive listing of things to do, photos of many of our beaches, along with places to eat and much more.

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Walking and Hiking Areas

  • Pennville to Capucin:

Go north west towards Portsmouth about 4 miles. At the bus stop turn right to go to Vielle Case and Pennville. In Pennville you will see a sign showing the road to a waterfall. Park and hike from there. The road is good hiking but you cannot drive it. On the way you will see sculpture springs on the left. To the right is the mouth of an old volcano and in that area is a waterfall and a hot spring. The hike to Cappuccino and back is 6-7 hours.

  • Garden Road Hike: (our favorite)

Go to Wind blow Rd and turn left. Walk to where this road meets a paved road. Then take any road that turns left and you will return to the village (total about 4-5 miles) Just before you meet the paved road, there is a garden house. Call out in case the owner is in his garden. That is good manners. Walk to the back of the garden to take pictures of untouched rain forest or just to view. Bananas on the ground are free to take. If you see someone in their garden this is a good opportunity to get fruit. Offer to buy but they will usually give. Do this hike early AM or late evening and watch for the Jacko parrot. You will usually hear them first. This is a bird watchers paradise.

  • Grand Platte:

You will need a guide hired in advance or you may get lost in the rain forest. This is virgin rain forest and if you get 30 feet inside you will get lost if you are not used to wooded areas.

  • Coastal Hike

You can hike the coast in either direction as far as you want. All the bays are connected by foot paths.

If you get lost, go downhill until you find running water. Follow the stream until you meet either a village or the paved road. Every river has a village near the mouth of the river.

Swimming and Diving Areas

  • Pointe Baptiste Beach: 

Go north through the village (left toward the airport) and halfway up the hill until a paved road turns left. There is a sign in blue that says Pointe Baptiste Turn left and go past 2 houses on the right. Turn right down a dirt road ( it looks like a driveway and is easy to miss). You will end about 10 feet from the beach. If you continue up the paved road and go to the end there is a beautiful 30 minute hike with good photography.

  • Hodges Bay:

Go north through all the village and down a long hill. Cross a bridge (Hodges River) . Turn left at the first dirt road. It is better to park at the wide spot and not drive all the way down. At the end of the road is the beach. The old man there is really a nice person. On this beach it is best to leave things that can be stolen where he can watch and give him a cigarette or a dollar to keep his eye on them.

  • Woodford Hill Beach:

Continue north (about 2 miles) until you see a sign on the left saying “Woodford Hill Beach”. Turn left and go to the bottom. This is a mile long white beach with good snorkeling on the reef.

As you continue north do not swim where there are rocks instead of sand there is an undertow!

  • Hamstead Beach (Number 1):

Go South (right) 1 1/2 mile to a sign that says “Wind blow Road” at the curve on the right side and off the road. Follow the old road and then path to the beach. There are two roads go down the second one (dirt, no rock). The beach is lovely but do not swim if the sea is rough there is an undertow. The mouth of the river is the best place to swim anyway. This is the beach and the area where Disney filmed the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Hamstead River (Number 2):

Continue south another 1/2 mile and either park before the second bridge or cross and park at the old sugar mill. Walk behind the mill and as far up the river as you wish. There is good bathing everywhere there is a deeper spot.

  • Batibou Beach:

Continue south and go up a long hill. Nearly at the top there is a dirt road on the right with a sign that says take no sand. Follow this road to a wide parking spot. You can drive all the way to the beach with a 4X4. This is a beautiful beach with safe swimming The first portion of the sea has sharp coral so be careful. Go at least 50 ft down the beach to swim. Again the woods here are close to the beach so do not leave valuables on your towel while you walk or swim.

  • Shoda (kettle) Falls:

Continue south down another long hill. At the bottom there is a bus stop and bridge. Turn left and go all the way up and ask directions. This is a foot path and a 30 minute hike to the falls. There are sheer granite cliffs and falls spilling into a carved out basin. Take a picnic and swim and relax . It is a great spot.

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